Kanjanji Children


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Please visit our Facebook page for the latest photos.


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Kanjanji new site Kono mulilo on the banks of the Zambezi river

Kanjanji new site Kono mulilo orphans accomodation

Kanjanji new site Kono mulilo starting their vegetable garden

Village church little girl

Village church pastor

Village church service

Village church service children attending

Dinner time, the table doesnt fit inside

Kanjanji beautiful secenery

Kanjanji beautiful secenery

Hanro making toast for breakfast

Dental clinic, Benjamin the missionary, assisting Lourie

Dental clinic, Hanro assisting Lourie.

Dental clinic, Leonette seeing a patient

Kanjanji new site Kono mulilo

Foster & Leo with the dogs

Dental clinic, Leonette seeing pasients

Hanro & Benjamin telling the Jesus story to the kids at school

Lourie and Gisela with Hanro and the boys.

The children with their new clothes & shoes

3. Johan building the store room with the helps of the kids

Johan in action building the storeroom

Leonette organising the storeroom with the help of Foster one of the orphans

Hanro giving the school children their jelly

Johan adjusting Giselas overlocker

Little boy wth his new football

Hanro helping to do the foundations for the new store room

Benjamin, the missionary doing an outreach at the village school

Cholwe helping Lourie at the dental clinic

Cholwe, 21 yrs old & in his 2nd year at teaching college

Kelvin & Hanro making steps to our tents next to the river

Foster, 16 yeras old in Choma Secondaty School

Little girl with her new Hanna Montana dress

Taking clothes for the needy, the headman

The boys loading water barrels for the local school.

The boys taking clothes for the villagers in the bush

The group of villagers with their new cothes & presents

Hanro having a kick about.

Kelvin, 18yrs old, doing his diciple year, and passed matric with four As

William, 22 yrs old & in his 2nd year at teaching college, planting grass

Leo carrying the dogs around when he was not working hard

Leo helping dad to build the store room

A village in need!

Gisela trying clothes on for the children

Leonette giving clothes and toys to the villagers